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BCU achieves Intermediate Equality Standard

Article Date: 04/10/2012

The BCU is delighted to announce that it has achieved the Intermediate Level of the Sport Equality Standard

The BCU’s Chief Executive Paul Owen, said:
“Being awarded the Intermediate level of the Sport Equality Standard is a great achievement for the organisation and is testament to the work of everyone over the past two years. We are thrilled that our efforts have been rewarded. Equality factors are firmly embedded in all of our policies and part of every business decision made throughout the organisation.”
Building on work from the Preliminary Level award, the Equality Standard Advisor report on the BCU’s Intermediate Level submission was recommended for approval by independent Equality Standard Verifiers.
The Equality Standard for sport is a framework, launched in 2004, for assisting sports organisations to widen access and reduce inequalities in sport for under-represented individuals, groups and communities especially women and girls, ethnic minority groups, and disabled people. It is based around two broad themes - developing your organisation and developing your services - and four levels of achievement; Foundation, Preliminary, Intermediate and Advanced.
The BCU is one of a handful of organisations to be awarded the Intermediate Level, which builds on the commitment and action demonstrated at Foundation and Preliminary level and includes the following outcomes:
  • Increasing the diversity of leadership, staff, board, and senior volunteers
  • Internal policies and procedures pay due regard to diversity
  • Increasing diversity of people using its services
  • People inside and outside the organisation are aware of success and achievements in working towards equality